• We Have Enough Time?
  • In modern society we have met a lot of things that we would never have seen before. They are interesting, strange or amazing. Globalization makes a global village. We can talk to each other in a short time easier than before. It seems that we have a lot of time to do many other things. But is it really? Maybe. More opportunities, more challenges. We may feel a large pressure from surroundings. It seems we have a lot of things to do. So, we always think how time flies and the time is up before we finished our work. The time is too short to finish my work. We often complain it. But we just have 24 hours a day. It is for everybody or everything. Maybe you can stop for a while and look over our besides or back. You will find you just have enough time to do something valuable for you.

    Like a machine, it could not work for a longtime without stop. It needs rest, cleaning and adjustment. Maybe it also need some tools like cleaning wipes makes it clean. So our humans are also need to have a rest ,cleaning and adjustment. To make our body rest, make cleaning our thoughts through rethink and make adjustment our body and thoughts though sports and think.

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