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  • Zebra T-Shape Long Cleaning Card ( 105912-312 )


    The presaturated disposable cleaning card is designed for cleaning effectively dirt,magnetic oxides,oils,debris,lotions and other contaminants from all kinds of ID card printers,scanners,readers,barcodes.It is a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and increase the service life of the magnetic heads



    Cleaning Card

    P105912-003 ZCK-ACR P720 Adhesive Cleaning Cards
    105912-707 ZCK-P330i P330i Large Cleaning Cards
    105912-912  ZCK-P120i T-Shape Cleaning Card - Short and Long
    104531-001  ZCK-CR80-100 Generic Cleaning Card and CR80 Cleaning Cards) 
    105909-169  ZCK-PCK Premier Small Generic Cleaning Cards
    105999-400 ZCK-P100i Zebra P100i CR80 Cleaning Cards
    105909-057  IPASS-4.5 Cleaning Swab Kit (Box of 25 Swabs)

    We can produce different cleaning cards for different printer number according to your requirments



    -Blending spunlace,polyester,cellulose and PVC card

    -Better absorbency than other 100% cleaning card

    -Strong adhesivess

    -Hot-press compound 

    -No polluted by contaminants

    -Electronic-grade IPA


    -For cleaning contaminants from Zebra printers 
    -Aluminium foil packing make it have strong tightness and keep longer time. 


    -ID card printers


    -Petroieum Pumps


    -Hotel Doorlock

    -Slot Machine



    -Open the pouch and take out the cleaning card

    -Swipe the cleaning card several times,repeat it 1-3 if neccessary

    -Remove the cleaning card from the cleaning card

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