Printer Cleaning Kits

From the advent of the world's first printer in 1885,to a variety of dot matrix printers,inkjet printers and laser printers.The demand for printers is increasing at an annual rate of 8%,and people are increasingly demanding for print quality.High frequency printing increases the printer failure rate.Therefore,manufacturers invent cleaning kit products for maintaining the printer, which prolongs the printer lifespan and reduces the consumer cost.


Cleanmo printer cleaning kits are produced with strict raw material monitoring,such as purchasing clean non-woven fabrics,polypropylene raw materials,high-quality non-woven PVC sheets and Japanese imported sponges,using advanced machines to produce cleaning kits that meet international standards.


In general, Cleaning kits include:

Cleaning pens or swabs – Used for cleaning printheads. May look like markers or Q-tips.

Cleaning cards – Used for cleaning printer rollers. Presoaked in cleaning solution.

Cleaning pads – Used to wipe dust and other debris from the insides of the printer.

Cleaning roller – Used for cleaning blank cards,and keep it for clean.

Lapping Film – Used to repair the print head.


One cleaning kit has enough cleaning supplies for more than one printer or for multiple cleaning runs in a single printer.


Cleanmo cleaning kits are compatible for cleaning all major brands of card printers.Our price is almost half of the original cleaning kit.


Printers Compatible With Cleanmo Kits

Zebra Cleaning Kits

Magicard cleaning kits

Evolis Cleaning kits

Fargo Cleaning Kits

Datacard Cleaning Kits

IDP Smart Cleaning Kits

Javelin Cleaning Kits

Nisca Cleaning Kits

AlphaCard Cleaning Kits

Dai Nippon Cleaning Kits

Matica EDIsecure Cleaning Kits


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