A lot of small purify swab action

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-16
Dust-free purification cotton swabs through strict sterilization processing, also known as clean cotton swabs, and roller wiper bar. A little purified cotton swabs but there are a lot of role, we together and see it. First of all, dust-free purification swab can be used to disinfect the wound, after full sanitizers absorption, can make the disinfectant wiping the skin evenly and achieve disinfection effect, suitable for injection on skin disinfection and surgical dressings. Then, as a result of the office most of the time sitting beside the computer, the eye often at the computer, time is long can easily eye fatigue, can use dust-free purification cotton swabs try some eye drops and eye absorption, can alleviate eye fatigue, also can treat the filth of the eyes, prevent infection, also can prevent eye myopia. In addition, the purified cotton swabs and there are many benefits, for women can help you makeup and makeup. Finally, dust-free purification swab can also be used to clean some precision is difficult to clean precision instruments aperture, cleaning effect is very good. Dust-free purification cotton swabs features: purified cotton swabs are usually has a strong sex suction fluid, toughness, good wear resistance, will not wipe the device scratch, not flaky. Particles and liquid into a swab hole, will fall out or out easily, has good ability to lock, is a good purification production of clean room supplies, can be in the production process of special environment ( Unable to wipe cloth wipe) Remove pollutants and kept clean. Low levels of chemical residue after wiping. Purified cotton swabs combustible, easy processing, harmless to the environment and environmental protection.
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