In 2011

  • Cleanmo established the foreign trade department, and began to penetrate overseas markets.
  • It became a member of Alibaba “Chukoutong”

    Strategically cooperated with Boeing Co, .

In 2012

  • Strategically cooperated with HITACHI Ltd. and Samsung Corp.
  • Cleanmo launched a series of brands including Cleanmo, Swwip, CHGprep and iClean

In 2014

  • The Product manager system was established allowing the company to move towards a more professional path.
  • The Dust-free Professional Cleanroom factory was established and fully launched its series of Cleanroom swabs. We started providing customized services for clients.
  • Opened the flagship store in Alibaba Tmall and successfully promoted the first brand of cleanroom swabs in China
  • The factory passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001

In 2015

  • Purchased new full automatic production equipment for flocked swabs therefore increasing the production capacity.
  • Upgraded to 100 class cleanroom to ensure product quality
  • Cleanmo listed on the new fourth edition of Shenzhen Qianhai Equity trading center.
  • Attended the Guangzhou cleaning card exhibition
  • Strategically cooperated with Google

In 2016

  • Strategically cooperated with Apple Inc.

  • The cotton swab factory expanded and bought more equipment to meet the needs of sales growth.
  • The Medical factory was set up
  • Opened amazon platform.
  • Established high-end travel regulations to further motivate excellent employees.
  • Visited many clients in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States to get to know them and provide better service.

In 2017

  • The company launched Cleanmo Europe and America, and Swwip as a brand.
  • The factory passed ISO13485
  • Orders continued to increase, factories continued to add equipment and process improvements, capacity increased substantially.
  • Developed new snap applicators.

  • Implemented employee physical examination system and paid attention to employee’s health.

In 2018

  • Established Cleanmo Philippines branch and visited a lot of Filipino customers.
  • Opened the flagship store in JD.
  • Obtained Category II medical certificates.

  • Developed E-cigarette Cotton Swabs and Olive virgin oil swabs.



Who we are
We are Cleanmo and we aim for cost-efficient and high quality manufacturing.

What we do
We provide contamination control products and cleanroom supplies for controlled environments.

What we offer
We offer an extensive range of products serving companies in different industries.

Why we do it
We want to help organizations thrive in their businesses and operations.

Cleanmo is your perfect partner in terms of B2B supply chain in the industrial sanitation market.
Our goal is to help businesses secure cost-effective products without sacrificing quality.

We are a responsible and passionate company. We want to prove that products that are made in China are also ethically crafted and of high quality. We aim to promote our brand "Cleanmo" and "Swwip" all over the world. We believe that the only difference between products made in China and in the USA is the location, not the quality.

So if you could benefit from lower manufacturing costs, outsourcing your manufacturing with us would be a good action your company could take. 

Our company caters to many different industries such as pharmaceutical, hospitals, electronics, semiconductors, ID Card printing and banks.

We manufacture cleaning swabs and wipes designed for critical cleaning in the pharmaceutical industy. We have a wide array of swab models you can choose from depending on the customer's specifications. 

We provide medical swabs such as CHG swab sticks, applicators and sampling swabs manufactured in an ISO and CE registered facility to ensure compliance with the health and safety standards.

Our ESD swabs safely clean hard-to-reach areas in delicate parts of any electronics. The anti-static swabs safely dissipate electrostatic charge. Our swabs and wipes can also be used to clean lenses and computers.

Our products can also accomodate the sanitary demands of semiconductors, disk drives, optics-electronics,TFT-LCD,IC,SMT and PCB. Regular cleaning of circuits is critical when it comes to maintenance.

Printing Industry
In addition, we offer cleaning kits for Plastic Card Printing industry. We have cleaning kits for direct-to-card and re-transfer card printers such as Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, Datacard and etc. 
We also have cleaning kits for Thermal printers such as barcode, receipt,pos and label printers and cleaning swabs and wipes for large format printers such as Roland Mimaki Digital printers.

We manufacture cleaning cards perfect for cleaning check scanners, bill acceptors, currency counters and card readers that are best for financial institutions.

Outsourcing manufacturing with Cleanmo can actually help you reduce costs and better manage your business.

Here at Cleanmo, your success is our mission.



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