Advantages and disadvantages of various dust-free cotton swab materials

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-07

Advantages and disadvantages of various types of dust-free cotton swabs As people have higher and higher requirements for hygiene, the advent of dust-free cotton swabs has won the favor of many companies. Dust-free cotton swabs are used in all walks of life, and there are different requirements for the texture of dust-free cotton swabs according to different needs. So what materials are used in the current clean cotton swabs on the market, and what are the advantages and disadvantages? At present, the materials of clean cotton swabs on the market include nylon cloth, knitted fiber, machine-woven fiber cloth and polyester material. Cotton swabs made of nylon cloth are very wear-resistant and durable, and although knitted fibers cannot withstand wear resistance, they are very effective for wiping fine small dust. Machine-woven fiber cloth cotton swabs are specially used to wipe some high-level items such as optical fibers, and polyester materials can absorb a lot of dirt, but leave obvious traces after use, and cannot be 100% cleaned. The appearance of cotton swabs is to clean those places that are not easy to clean, understand the advantages and disadvantages of cotton swabs made of various materials, and choose the right dust-free cotton swabs to help you achieve the best cleaning effect.
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