ambassador or distraction: raptors superfan drake walks a thin line

by:Cleanmo      2020-02-27
As his team pulled out in the fourth quarter of key playoff games, Nick Nurse stood at the broadcaster\'s table and applauded the previously struggling Raptors bench players who gave Toronto 99
82 was ahead of the fourth game of the NBA Eastern final against the Milwaukee Bucks.
Raptors and Raptors fans Drake left his side seat and gave the Toronto coach a quick shoulder massage.
The nurse tried as if he had not noticed it.
He claimed in a media conference call on Thursday that he didn\'t even know he got it until someone showed him the picture.
\"I don\'t even feel it.
\"I was locked in the game,\" said the nurse . \".
However, it seems that everyone else watching the game has seen this, and of course the social media debate has begun.
Whether Drake has drawn a line with his bonhomi behavior, or whether his behavior is an acceptable part of NBA celebrities --driven culture?
The move is a blatant disregard for NBA fan behavior policy, and raptors loyal fans at Scotiabank Arena are taught many times through jumbotron video every game.
But Drake is not a regular fan.
Whether he loves him or hates him, he is an entertainment idol, putting his hometown on a map with his celebrity.
The Raptors, desperate to use his star power, even did a job for him in 2013, awarding him the title of \"global ambassador.
\"What is that vague position?
On the one hand, he lent his strong Groupon brand to the team and his signature was black-and-
Gold color scheme for one of the decoration team spare jerseys-
And the Scotiabank Arena Stadium during the rapper \"Drake Night\" promotion --
As well as the owl logo decorating the team practice facilities.
On the other hand, it seems to involve controlling each other\'s players, yelling at the referee and being part --time masseur.
Drake seems to be more active in the playoffs, and in most games he stands up and directly targets his opponent\'s superstar with mocking gestures.
\"There must be no place (on the court)
Bucks coach Mike Buden Holzer told reporters on Wednesday\'s conference call: \"For fans, whether Drake is for the Toronto Raptors or not . \".
\"You know, there\'s a reason to have boundaries and boundaries on the pitch, and as I said, the league is usually very good at leading on things like this.
\"Although Drake did not make a clear statement on the issue, he did like the fan\'s comments on all complaints and then took a screenshot of the comments on his Instagram on Wednesday night.
\"Sports media need to accept the simple rule that post-80 s Miami Hurricane sign into law: if you don\'t want the opposing team to celebrate and dance, stop them from scoring, or achieve their goals.
Overcome it and keep it moving.
Other teams have celebrity fans.
The Los Angeles Lakers are Jack Nicholson\'s favorite, while director Spike Lee lives and dies in the New York Knicks.
But none of them are as polarized as Drake.
Whether his behavior on the side of the court is harmless or annoying, they are always a topic.
Some of the highlights of the playoffs include: Even Drake\'s side clothing in raptors often gets high marks
The school\'s PE teacher, instead of entertaining idols, is dedicated to what he looks like.
Obviously, that means no lint.
While not one of his most obvious antics, in the second game of Toronto\'s first game, the camera caught Drake using a lint roller on his pants --
In the 2013 series with Brooklyn-14 playoffs.
The clip went viral before Game 5 and the team presented Drake brand\'s lint roller.
One of the lint rollers was sold on eBay in 2014 for more than $55,000.
The first game of 2017 Cleveland Olympic Games
The Eastern semi-final is a dark moment for raptors.
The team just lost to LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime, although they were ahead of most of the games.
After the game, the excited Drake had a fierce confrontation with Cleveland center ken Rick Perkins, including the colorful language of both sides.
The NBA reportedly warned Drake to ease his antics after the incident.
You can forgive Joel enbad for enjoying this moment.
Star Philadelphia 76ers beat injuries and rogue digestive systems in the third semi-final of the season, dropping 33 points on raptors.
Embiid took part in various celebrations in his big race, including running around with open arms like a flying plane.
When Embiid returned to Earth and 76 lost Game 5 in Toronto, Drake laughed at Embiid with his own plane celebration.
Embiid took the game with ease and told Drake \"I\'ll be back for Game 7.
\"Before the Eastern final, Milwaukee radio went to freako, Greece on the 103 th. 7 KISS-
FM called for a pause on Drake\'s hit songs, calling the rapper a \"big shot\"
Speak on the basketball court.
Drake has not been disappointed so far.
When Bucks giant Giannis anttukunbo worked overtime during a foul in the third game after being shut down by Raptors superstar kahuai Leonard, Drake left the field at the MVP candidate
Drake played more active in Game 4, and he laughed like antétokono mpo
Throw an attempt and interrupt his laughter with an exaggerated windmill of his arm.
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