amid a flood of plastic, big companies try to clean up image

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-06
Once a month, Michael Bourne, the accountant, put on his rubber boots and came to a place on the bank of the Thames.
He marked one carefully. square meter (11-square foot)
With Gloves-wearing hands, classify every point of plastic he finds and report the data carefully to the environmental organization thames21. On Aug.
For example, he and other volunteers found an average of 31 food wrappers, 29 cotton swab sticks, 12 caps, and about 100 small chewing plastics in each patch.
\"We are data collectors,\" he said, who provide plastic evidence that blocks the world\'s rivers and oceans.
\"We are building a picture along the river that is washing up.
\"Public awareness of the problem of plastic waste is expanding, after a surprising forecast that by 2050, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
In addition, shocking pictures are constantly appearing: British Sky News is opposed to the marine plastic movement characterized by the swollen whales of plastic bags;
A chilling picture of National Geographic is the seahorse curled up around the pink cotton swab, and the filmmaker David Attenborough\'s documentary Blue Planet II sea turtle is plastic
Where is the consumer\'s attention, and where is the company\'s attention.
Amcor, Ecover, Evian, L\'Oreal, Mars, M & S, Pepsi, Coca-Cola in the last few months
Coke, Unilever, Wal-Mart, Werner and Mertz
A total of more than 6 million metric tons of plastic packaging are used each year
According to the innovative idea Alan MacArthur Foundation, I promise to use only reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025tank.
At the same time, Adidas is making a series of clothing with recycled plastic bottles and promoting these products through online videos, emphasizing the threat to human health of plastic particles found in the intake of fish.
Legero, a tall
End food store in Italy and Switzerland with 1,500 package-free products.
The British supermarket chain Iceland plans to pack all the plastic from its own-
Brand products by 2023.
\"Some of the companies that may be considered the most serious criminals are the companies that move forward,\" 115-year-
Old Protection Organization
\"They lost the most.
\"After all, these companies make a profit from a business model that will be packaged in plastic packaging from spring water to clean products, used at one time and thrown away.
Global plastic production has increased to 0. 38 billion metric tons (
0. 418 billion tons)
According to the University of California Santa Barbara at industrial ecology professor Roland in Geyer of study 2015 from 1950 of 2 million tons.
About 60% of 8.
3 billion metric tons of plastic produced in history eventually became waste, more than 3-
Geyer estimates that four of them enter the landfill or the natural environment.
In 2010 alone, 4 million to 12 million metric tons of plastic entered the marine environment.
This material kills and destroys wildlife and enters the food chain.
The Allen MacArthur Foundation highlighted the issue in a report last year, which said that if the current trend continues, by 2050, the plastic weight in the ocean would be equivalent to the weight of the fish.
According to the foundation, only 14% of plastic packaging is currently used for recycling, and the Foundation works with companies such as Google, Nike and Darco.
It says action needs to be taken on multiple fronts.
\"It\'s not an innovation, a regulation, an action.
We need all of them at the same time.
\"Rob Opsomer, who leads the foundation\'s new plastic economy project.
\"We need more and more ambitious ambitions.
Mintel, a market research group, said that we may eventually see the \"social stigma\" of plastic cups and plastic wrap, and the company has developed soluble packaging, and more retailers have avoided packaging in plastic.
Ben Punchard, global packaging analyst at Mintel, said: \"Money can be earned, but more importantly, money can be lost . \".
\"It is used as a signal of virtue.
This shows that you are doing the right thing.
\"The government and other agencies are also starting to focus on this issue.
The EU has set a temporary target for recycling 65% of urban garbage by 2035.
Last year, Britain declared the use of plastic beads illegal and the government said it would consider taxing a single bead.
Within 25 years, the use of plastic as part of an effort to eliminate all \"avoidable plastic waste.
The Church of England advised its members to reduce the use of plastic.
These initiatives are good, Geyer said, but in the past 30 years, recycling and reuse activities have not helped much to curb the wave of plastic pollution.
He believes that as companies and governments continue to pursue, society needs to curb the growing demand for plastics --
The ocean, he said, is only \"collateral damage\" to the consumer economy \".
\"This is the way we live, this is the way we consume, this is the way the economy is built now,\" he said . \".
\"On the one hand, everyone says it\'s terrible and we have to stop it.
On the other hand, everyone will be very upset if the economy does not grow by 3%.
To be honest, I don\'t think we can eat cake, and I think that\'s what we\'re going to do here.
\"It doesn\'t stop people like Bourne from trying to spread the word.
The accountant has 60 sets of rubber boots to lend to anyone who is on the Thames with him.
He gave everyone a safety briefing and promised to spend an afternoon at the bar after cold and often heavy garbage inventory and collection work.
\"We have a problem with plastic,\" he said . \"
\"Everyone knows, but I will say it again --
We have a problem with plastic.
What must we do?
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