Anti-static purification cotton swabs effectively solve the problem of electronic equipment damage

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-19
In electronics, data storage, printing, packaging, pharmaceuticals and textile industry and other industries, due to electrostatic problem is very serious, they are seeking remedies, and anti-static purification swab can effectively solve the problem of electronic equipment damage. Although a person can even before more than 5000 volt produced more than 5000 volts, but they were shocked by the highly charged, in the form of electrostatic charge is sensitive to small electronic devices may be a huge problem. According to the sustainable development education association estimates that all electronic equipment damage due to unknown reason, 25% can be attributed to the electrostatic damage and ESD damage of the electronic industry, for $5 billion a year. Once exposed to ESD events of electronic equipment, circuit of the equipment can be permanently damaged, lead to equipment failure. Another problem is that dust or contaminants may also be electrostatic attraction to you on the surface of the equipment and products, it is not allowed. Dust and other pollutants affect the product quality and productivity. Production disruptions, for example, production speed slow, the product quality to drop, more refuse. So in the process of production, in order to reduce the loss must be used clean anti-static cotton swabs. Is the professional manufacturer of cotton, the production of purification clean cotton swabs, cotton swabs, anti-static cotton swabs, has been in the field of optoelectronic and microelectronic field on electrostatic sensitive industries has been widely used
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