Application of Disposable Tearable Adhesive Pad in Clean Room

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-25

sticky mat
The types of products that can be dedusted in a clean room are very rich, so the most basic dedusting product is the sticky pad. Its material is mainly composed of polyethylene (LDPE) and water glue (environmentally friendly), which does not drop glue. , odorless, non-toxic, is a very environmentally friendly new material.

The sticky dust pad is mainly suitable for sticking at the entrance or buffer area of ​​the space that needs dust-proof purification. It can effectively stick the dust on the soles and wheels, and minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the purification environment, so as to achieve simple dust removal. It solves the problem that the dust removal of other floor mats is not complete and cannot guarantee the non-proliferation of dust. It is suitable for industries such as electronics, computers, LCD, instruments and equipment, optics, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and nuclear industries.

The size of the sticky dust pad has a high degree of freedom, and can be customized according to the customer's use in different places and thicknesses, and it is a 30-layer composite material, each piece can be torn off separately, no pollution can maximize It keeps the environment clean and tidy, and the use method is simple and easy to operate. It is the preferred tool for dust removal products in the production workshops of various industries.

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