be warned, your watch could be ‘three times dirtier’ than a toilet seat

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-05
While most of us change the sheets regularly, vacuum the floor and wash the dishes, we often forget to clean the items we use every day.
For example, makeup brushes are often ignored despite the facts and other skin problems.
The watch is another neglected item.
While it may not be visible, your watch may be a dirty time bomb.
Admittedly, we\'re a bit dramatic regardless of the recent findings of watch and sunglasses experts, suggesting that your watch is three times dirtier than a regular toilet ring.
The company has tested ten different types of watches for swab, and on the whole, the plastic and leather options also have more dirt than metal watches.
In addition, the survey found that 24% of Britons never clean watches, and 21% of Britons clean watches every six months.
In the division between gender, women are slightly worse in maintaining the shape of the watch (27%)
Compared to men (24%).
Feel the need to tear off your watch, throw it in the bin, and don\'t rush.
First of all, some degree of bacteria is normal and healthy-there is dirt, dust, feces around us (yes, really)
And common bacteria in everyday life-just be careful not to let it pile up.
Think about the fact that your watch is close to you-sneezing, coughing, food splashes, etc.
Basically what we have to say is: Clean your watch regularly.
Before you start scrubbing, remember that different watches require different cleaning methods, but it is recommended that you wipe them with a dry one, use a soft cloth every night, and clean them thoroughly every month.
For more expensive watches, you sometimes get a special cleaning cloth as part of your purchase, but you can also easily buy it online or at the watch store.
The more you take care of your watch, the longer it lasts.
There\'s also the added point of not walking around with a toilet seat on your wrist.
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