Brief Analysis of Sponge Wiping Stick

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-19
Brief Analysis of Sponge Wiping Stick

People often confuse wiping sticks with cotton swabs, but in fact, there are essential differences between wiping sticks and cotton swabs. The material of the cotton swab head is cotton, which cannot be washed, and the wiping stick industry is a professional wiping consumables. Wiping sticks can be divided into two types: sponge head and cloth head according to the material. The following is a simple understanding of the advantages of sponge wiping sticks? What industry is it used for? The sponge wiping stick is professionally used in a highly clean environment, with low dust generation, strong night absorption, soft and clean, and can be used with most solvents. According to the density and chip removal of the sponge, it can be divided into open-cell PU sponge 100PPI ( Low density, easy to chip off, suitable for medical use) and open-cell PU sponge 400-50PPI (high density, not easy to chip off, suitable for electronics); sponge wiping sticks are widely used in electronics, medical, semiconductor, optical instruments, food industry and other industries.
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