Buy anti-static purification, swabs, don't be fooled!

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-08
Buy anti-static purification, swabs, don't be fooled, this is to each purchaser a advice! Why is that? Because too many suppliers on the market is not anti-static swabs as anti-static purification, swabs, because they thought that purchasers of anti-static this not too understand, exploiting the loopholes. At the time of purchasing purification, swabs, we conclude that the merit of colin salesman will have any requirements, ask the customer to buy cotton such as antistatic ability what is, and how clean particles, what is need for cleaning, clean products, and so on. 。 。 。 。 。 Such not only can let the customer to buy what you want to the purification of swabs, also can let our manufacturer recommend a reasonable product for the customer. In our previous cooperation, there will be customers send us sample, say they want is anti-static, I arranged for the samples, the results found after receipt of the samples, no antistatic ability, we also in a timely manner to the customer that he had been fooled. If the customer really took purification, swabs from other suppliers, wait until the goods on the circuit board or precision instruments use, could cause because without esd sparks, directly consumed electronic products. Therefore, I hope you at the time of purchasing purification, swabs, as far as possible to your needs feedback, our factory also try to advice you can take samples to try more test before cooperation, in order to better cooperation.
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