Can a lint-free cloth wipe the utensils?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-21

In life, we also have various kinds of rags in our home, each kind of rag has its own function, and the scope of application of each kind of rag is also different. And we basically have dust-free cloths in our homes, so everyone wants to ask whether dust-free cloths can be used to wipe tableware?

The dust-free cloth has a wide range of wiping. However, we generally do not use the dust-free cloth to wipe tableware. Although it is relatively easy to use, I actually think that the clean cloth cannot wipe the tableware.

We all know that the dust-free cloth is a double-woven fabric made of 100% polyester fiber. The surface of the dust-free cloth is relatively soft, and it is also easier to wipe the surface of sensitive objects, and it will not fall off when rubbed. The phenomenon of fiber, and the dust-free cloth has good water absorption and cleaning effect. And the cleaning and packaging of the clean cloth are all done in a super clean clean room.

We will come into contact with two kinds of fabrics, wiper cloth and dust-free cloth in our daily life. Everyone wants to ask, what is the difference between the two kinds of fabrics of wiper cloth and dust-free cloth? When we hear these two names, the literal meanings of their nouns are different. In fact, the wiping cloth includes dust-free cloth. wipe cloth. I think it is better to use other fabrics when wiping the tableware.
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