Can medical purified cotton swabs ear cleaning

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-19
In real life, many people like to use cotton swabs to ear cleaning. For medical purification swab can cut the problem of the ear, can someone said, some say no, take a look at what medical purified cotton swabs experts say. If you are afraid of earwax accumulation of too many, can ask the doctor for help, if too many earwax doctors have been unable to see the eardrum ( Ear infections check will see) , your doctor will help you get earwax out. Otherwise let earwax let nature take its course. If you use medical purified cotton swabs, might get earwax to ear with inside, this will not only can't come out, it will affect the hearing. Anything you don't put the medical purification cotton swabs and inserted into the ear canal, it is very easy to cause the eardrum punctured. Ear wax is the natural protective barrier of the ear, there is no any reason to ear cleaning, pour out my ear wax. Expert advice to you is: with purified cotton swabs dipped in baby oil or hydrogen peroxide in the simple clean the outer ear, or use a gauze later on the outside of the ear can wipe gently with warm water. The external not clean material cleaning can be, don't put the purified cotton swabs in ear, because the ear hole is very small, not careful will be injured. Finally again, both medical cotton swabs, and purification cotton swabs, clean cotton swabs, cannot be used to cut the ear.
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