Can single-use sterile sampling swabs be opened only once?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-08

Can a single-use sterile sampling swab be opened only once?

The single-use sterile sampling swab is sterilized, and can be used for nucleic acid sampling, cell sampling, genetic testing, etc. after opening. Its head is flocked nylon, which has a strong adsorption capacity. If it is not used in time after opening, it will affect its sampling data and have a great impact on your next genetic test. Therefore, it is recommended to use it immediately after opening. Bacterial swabs are individually packaged, so they can only be opened once.

Yes, disposable sampling swabs can only be used once. They are generally packaged separately. It is recommended to use them immediately after opening, and can only be used once.

Yes, it can only be used up once after opening the package. Disposable sterile swabs are generally individually packaged.
Disposable sterile swabs are also called medical nylon flocking swabs, which are widely used in bacteriological sample processing, COVID-19, nasal swab sampling, throat swab sampling, oral swab sampling, virology Ideal for cell cultures, DFA assays, rapid and direct assays, enzyme immunoassay assays, polymerase and molecular diagnostic-based assays, and forensic identification. It can also be used for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine flu, bird flu, hand, foot and mouth.

Product Features of Disposable Sterile Sampling Swabs:

①. It has extraordinary water absorption capacity, which can increase the number of samples collected on its surface from 20% of traditional sampling swabs to 60%

②. The release rate of the collected specimens exceeds 90%, thus ensuring the high reliability of the results;

3. Different preservation solutions are selected for different specimen types;

④. There is a unique breakable design on the plastic rod, which is convenient for specimen transportation;

⑤, ethylene oxide sterilization, irradiation sterilization, independent packaging.
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