Characteristics of sponge swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-14

Sponge tip cotton swabs (also known as wipe sticks) are mainly used in precision instruments, semiconductors, integrated circuits, microelectronics, precision electronics, optical products, medical maintenance, medical beauty, optoelectronics, aerospace, home furnishing and other industries, as additives for the electronics industry Carrier (you can use alcohol, acetone, and other solvents to wipe the product, etc.), dust-free anti-static products, safety protection supplies, laboratory supplies, work protection supplies, plastic products, bamboo, wooden daily handicrafts, personal Medical care products, health care products, and disinfection carrier products are not only used to wipe the gaps, corners, and planes of products, but also used for other purposes. The product features of the purifying sponge head cotton swab are that the head is made of fully-opened sponge and has been cleaned without dust; extremely low dust generation; fixed on the PP rod by heat sealing; vacuum packaging in a class 10-100 clean room; Can be used to wipe a variety of reagents and solutions. Applications can be wiped with solvents such as IPA or acetone; lubricants and other liquids can be applied. .
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