Choose the right swab to make cleaning your workshop and products easier

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-23

All dust-free workshop manufacturers should know that the cleaning of some products in the workshop or some details of some processes must be done with dust-free cotton swabs. And if the unqualified grade of dust-free cotton swabs is used indiscriminately or misused, it is likely that the defective rate of the product will increase significantly.

In order to enable everyone to have a better understanding of clean cotton swabs, as a practitioner in the industry, Xiaobian will take you into our production workshop to explore how to produce clean cotton swabs with stable quality and excellent performance.

This dust-free cotton swab with advanced cleaning work is used in the most important part of the cleaning work in the clean room. The cotton swab head is generally made of dust-free cloth or sponge. Since the part of the cotton swab rod needs anti-static treatment, it generally uses two kinds of materials: anti-static PP rod and non-anti-static PP rod.

So the production process of cotton swabs is just a combination of clean cloth or industrial sponge and cotton swab rod?

Due to the particularity of the environment in which the cotton swab is used, the material of the clean cotton swab head must be produced in an environment that matches the level of the clean room, which is obviously not the case. Therefore, if your workshop is level 10, 100, 1000 or 10000, then you must be equipped with dust-free swabs of the same level or higher to help you clean the processes and products in your workshop.

For the production process of dust-free cotton swabs, we generally process them in a 1000-level dust-free workshop. After processing, we send the semi-finished products to a 10-level dust-free cotton swab workshop for cleaning, inspection and packaging. In this way, the production of high-quality and stable dust-free cotton swabs can be guaranteed!

Therefore, a good dust-free cotton swab must be produced in one or more levels of dust-free environment. If it is randomly produced in some unconventional levels of dust-free environment, the cleanliness of the dust-free cotton swab will be insufficient. , cannot be achieved, and may even damage your clean room production process or product cleaning.

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