Clean card features and advantages

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-03
Clean card is composed of ultra pure solvents and additives, and has the capability of adsorption of composite materials, application of high-tech production craft processing and become a kind of cleaning products, quick and safe removal of precision electronic equipment, electronic instruments, meters and components of dust, grease and other dirt, can effectively prevent the precision electronic instruments because of the dust, oil and water invasion program disorder caused by the failure, abnormal operation, control, performance degradation, corrosion harm such as circuit board. Clean card features and advantages: 1, high efficiency, can quickly remove dust, grease and moisture, even the part of the hand touch can also be cleaned. 2, safe: for metal, rubber, plastic, nylon, resin and all kinds of electronic components, no corrosion. 3, pure: completely volatile residue, quick drying. 4, convenient, easy to carry, easy to use, convenient storage. Feature: the bouquet: solution, resistance to voltage: 350 kv flammable. USES: widely used in transportation, banking, securities, industry and commerce, taxation, post and telecommunications, public security, health care, insurance, energy, electric power, education, health, and all kinds of public places of magnetic card charge system of cleaning and maintenance.
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