Clean cotton swabs application in industrial production

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-08
Clean cotton swabs is the necessities in the process of industrial production, whether it is cleaning equipment, or disinfection sterilization, cannot leave the clean cotton swabs. Now clean swab has gradually replaced the so-called pure cotton swab, on the surrounding environment clean processing at the same time, also facilitates people's life. Clean swab can handle more than 100 level higher clean environment, and harm, the environmental health. Many people have strict requirements to rags, if used in the industrial field, you will need to use knitted nylon fabric, as of cloth, so can be used repeatedly, and can also reduce the wear-resisting degree, is suitable for the industrial environment. In addition, you can reduce the investment of cotton swabs, environmental health and simple. If people use to wipe the precision of the instrument, it is best suitable for superfine fiber, so that we can achieve meticulous to wipe, and it is not easy to leave dust particles, but people need clean cotton swabs gently wipe the smooth surface of the instrument, its wear-resisting performance is significantly lower. If people need to wipe fiber optic equipment, then using professional swabs, need the machine woven fiber and the fabric is durable, and can be designed to wipe fiber, clean. If the surface of the equipment was too dirty, so it can knit polyester is used to wipe, knitting polyester wipe the ability, but can adsorb more garbage and waste, and the gap is deeper, so can accommodate more rubbish. Clean cotton swabs for different environments have different requirements, need people to take into consideration the corresponding processing. This is clean and dust-free cotton processing structure, so people need good preservation, avoid secondary pollution.
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