Clean cotton swabs have what advantage?

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-11
The main advantage is low cost, good cleaning effect, and can carry out secondary recovery after use, environmental protection effect! Clean cotton swabs is normally have a very good cleaning effect, especially in clean indoor use can better play to the advantages of it. Because it has a strong sex suction fluid, flexible, good cleaning effect, can be used together with cleaner, etc, in use process will not be scraped to wipe products, won't drop crumbs in the cleaning process. Products on the soot particle and impurity entering the swab hole, not easily to the product of secondary pollution, has the good self-purification ability, at the same time clean cotton swabs as a excellent cleaning tools in use process can deal with all kinds of products and various environment, this is not possessed by general cleaning products and use very conducive to recycling or disposal of trash, may also directly discarded, won't cause pollution to the environment, and so on. Clean cotton swabs used: laser print head and related industry, PCB circuit boards and related field, optical, spectral electron microscope, laser head, head of the cleaning, precision parts and so on.
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