Clean cotton swabs matters needing attention when using

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-15
Normal manufacturer production of dust-free purification cotton swabs, are done in a dust-free purification room, using vacuum packaging, guarantee the quality of the fiber, cotton swabs, and cleanliness. Clean cotton swabs are mainly used for the lens, lens, microelectronics, laboratory, clean room, keyboard, screen, medical, optical electronics, circuits, semiconductor and related industries, and so on. So, in use, we should pay attention to what issues? First, according to their properties of the products, the choice suits own clean cotton swabs. For example, high precision products, had better not choose cheap clean cotton swabs, a penny a points goods, everyone understand. Second, after opening the package, if we can finish the disposable use, that is the best. If you can't finish the disposable use, that we should fold the openings and, avoid dust, affect product wipe effect, cause unnecessary trouble and loss. Third, clean cotton swabs are one-time consumables products, repeated use is not recommended.
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