Clean medical swabs using method and the matters needing attention

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-28
Clean medical cotton swabs are common, is used for washing in treating a wound, but you know, the use of error or improper behavior can lead to swab contaminated, thereby affect the wound. Today just explain dust-free medical swabs use method and matters needing attention. Sealed cotton swabs after open, only can maintain sterile, within 24 hours after the cotton swabs from microbial contamination, cannot be used for wound disinfection, sterilization to use again. Or the wound not only cannot have disinfection effect, further pollution detergent, the secondary damage of the wound. When opened the package, as a mouth swab to tail, and even the opening of the plastic packaging is bigger, also want to hand over the bag remove cotton clean medical cotton swabs, don't take your hand in the bag, after the meeting will open the seal in time.
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