Clean room purification swabs cotton swabs are anti-static?

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-08
Clean room purification, swabs, purified cotton swabs ordinary cotton swab head is not in our daily life, it is a strong suction fluid, toughness, wear resistance, will not scratch the wipe components, not to drop, liquid particles into the cotton swabs or extrusion, fell out of the hole will not have good solvent locked ability, strong adsorption capacity, etc. Is the purification production of clean room supplies, can wipe clean hard small nooks and crannies. Clean room purification, swabs, purified cotton swabs styles varied, according to the needs of industry users customize the suitable size style. Applies to wipe the precision instrument parts, precision, precision components such as aviation industry, medical equipment industry, electronic industry, semiconductor industry. 。 。 。 These industries need cotton swabs are anti-static, so, all of the clean room is anti-static purification cotton? To be sure to tell you that can be used in clean indoor purification, swabs, purified cotton swabs are anti-static. Because of the clean room has a strict standard on all material choice is. Personnel management: put on clean clothing and people in and out of clean room for strict standard management, material management: to clean indoor material flow and material in and out of the strict standard management, production management, using the low rate of dust production equipment, and formulate a comprehensive range of periodic cleaning management four, clean room monitoring management: to clean indoor pressure, wind speed, dust particles, intensity of illumination and noise to regularly monitor the management of all, to keep the normal operation of the clean room.
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