Clean swab wiping head is introduced

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-11
Many enterprises in the production of some precision products, like to use some clean swab cleaning equipment, improve the environment clean. The same as you give the improvement of people's living standard, people to the requirement of environment is becoming more and more reasonable, but many places is not easy to clean, therefore, the use of clean cotton swabs have more necessity. At the time of cleaning work mainly in the swab to wipe the head, people need more rational innovation wiping head, can play a clean effect. 1 non-woven wipe the head in order to save money, many people will choose to non-woven, non-woven head cleaning ability is strong, and low processing difficulty, so people can easily work out cotton swabs, but this kind of cheap non-woven head, to clear the level requirement is difficult to complete. Because of non-woven head cleaning ability is low, and will remain a lot of debris, obviously can not meet to the requirement of clean, this poor clean cotton swabs clean effect obviously. 2 PVA wiping head made another clean swab to wipe the materials is PVA materials, this material has good flexibility, and after many clean up, also won't appear the trace of scratch or other, in addition its fiber is fine, so there will not be a ball. Its resilience is stronger, so that people can use for many times, very environmentally friendly. And clean cotton swabs made of this material has a strong water absorption ability, can quickly sewage, adsorption and fusion for water also has a strong force, so people can be used in conjunction with water, as a good helper for cleaning. Clean cotton swabs had great promoting effect on people's lives, and people can swab to clean up some difficult to clean up all the garbage or filth, believe that there will be a bright clean as new.
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