comparison of foam swabs and toothbrushes as oral hygiene interventions in mechanically ventilated patients: a randomised split mouth study

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-04
Plaque can be used as a reservoir of respiratory pathogens during major diseases.
The effectiveness of this study will brush teeth with small-
Toothbrush or foam-
Head swab of mechanically ventilated patients.
This is a random evaluator. blinded, split-
An oral trial in an intensive care unit.
In adults, patients with oral intubation with more than 20 teeth, including> 24-hour mechanical ventilation.
12-clean teeth
Use foam cotton swab or toothbrush every hour (
Each randomly assigned to one side of the mouth).
The cleaning effect was evaluated according to plaque score, gum index and microbial plaque count.
Results high initial plaque (mean=2. 1 (SD 0. 45))and gingival (mean=2. 0 (SD 0. 54))
Scores of 21 patients were recorded.
Significantly lower than the initial plaque index using both toothbrushes (mean change=−1. 26, 95% CI −1. 57 to −0. 95; p
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