Considerations in Genetic Sampling

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-04

Gene is a functional segment of DNA molecule, the basic unit of genetic information, and the most basic factor that determines all biological species—the genetic decider of birth, aging, illness and death, the cause of health, beauty, and longevity, and the controller and regulator of life. . So where life is, where are the genes, and how all life exists and declines is determined by genes. This includes your face, height, weight, skin tone, temperament, and more.
Genetic testing is a technology that detects DNA through blood, other body fluids, and cells.
Genetic testing can confirm individuality, and it can also confirm the characteristics of the group (ancestral source) through group comparison, first narrowing the area in a haystack, and then testing individuality.
Briefly describe the genetic sampling performed so far and their saliva sampling precautions.
1. Within 30 minutes before sampling, do not eat, drink, smoke or drink.
2. Sampling the head of the sampling swab, do not touch other items such as cheeks, fingers, teeth, etc. If the sampling swab is accidentally touched, or the swab is dropped during sampling, please replace with a new sampling swab and take the sample from the head.
3. Do not use when the package is found to be opened or damaged.
Collection method
The oral swab is composed of three parts: a sampling cotton tip, a cover stick and a push rod. Its purpose is to collect and preserve the descending cells of the oral mucosa.
Physical examination centers, companies, and homes can all operate by themselves.
First, rinse your mouth 2-3 times with water to clean your mouth. Then, take out the oral swab, gently press the cotton swab head of the swab on the inner wall of the oral cavity, with a slightly convex cheek, and wipe it once or twenty times at a time.
After wiping, insert the swab head into the sampling tube, press the back of the sampling swab with your fingers, drive the swab head into the tube, tighten the tube cover, and shake it carefully.

Next, take another oral swab and repeat the action just now on the other side of the mouth. The collected sample DNA can be stored at room temperature.
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