Cotton swabs big use

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-13
1. Deal with makeup if your skin is easy to out of the oil, then can dip in with cotton take a suitable amount of concealer or foundation, put them in a small bag and easily solve the eyelash to cream dizzy catch anytime and anywhere, and tip card powder and so on small case, dip in with cotton swabs some powder can achieve a similar effect, is one of the essentials. 2. Got-up eye makeup slanting or too thick eyeliner picture, can put the wet cotton swabs briefly, cotton head gently sweep hope to modify place, problem solved. 3. The most delicate eye cream eye ministry skin, improper care easy to produce fine lines. The eye cream with cotton uniform light pressure in the eyes, bit by bit more exquisite than with your fingers, easy to control, avoid too hard and pull. 4. Keep clean in some popular lip balm is not tubes, but in a box, if directly with the hand is not very health, so you can use clean cotton swabs dipped and daub, can effectively avoid cross infection of dust, bacteria, virus and spread. 5. Instead of make up brush dip in with cotton swabs directly take eyeliner eyeliner is very convenient, more clean than eyeliner brush, use namely. Cotton swabs as praise draw sootiness makeup effect. 6. Modified camber inferior smooth brown painted eyebrows the most natural, dip in with cotton swabs apply eyebrow powder directly, and then use a concealer or make-up remover cotton feel extra or not a good place gently touch, more show delicate. 7. Simple nail tool if you don't have the wave point pen or just occasional impulse to yourself, then directly with cotton, as long as cotton head cut off. 8. With sweet after a busy day, have from the fragrance of perfume, before heading to a dinner date you need & other; Secret weapon & throughout; Placed in a sealed bag several swabs soaked perfume. Don't carry POTS and pans you still elegant. 9. Remove excess oil TuJia oil at home, the polish often overflow surface, clear the spare part can be easily with cotton, without disrupting just pasted the nails. 10. Repair dry lines when skin is in a state of water shortage, apply the concealer or foundation skin appear small dry lines, dip in with cotton swabs to take a small amount of cream coated in a dry place, miracle will soon appear.
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