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by:Cleanmo      2020-04-06
Mumbai: It took the opposite
Terrorist Squad (ATS)
Nearly 200 wet cotton swabs
Many people support it.
Break Labor
To prove Faisal Shaikh, now known as commander of the religious army west Indiae-
Taba got heiso at his Bandra apartment today.
The cotton swab is used to wipe the walls, floors and ceilings of the Bandra area of the residence, which have traces of blacksokin on the walls, floors and ceilings.
Officials admitted that investigators had finally got the strain of Kurosaki after three hours of work, and they were very \"excited \".
\"We finally found the traces of heisuo in some cotton swabs.
\"This is the first time we have found evidence that heiso was brought to this apartment today,\" a senior IPS official said on Saturday . \".
In fact, ATS has been given clues about the \"pressure cooker\" bomb stored in the suspected apartment in Mumbai.
\"We used cotton --
Wipe the method at least on the other two apartments but did not succeed.
So, we were happy when we got the heiso today virus in Faisal\'s apartment, \"the official added.
The police then targeted several locations in the Govandi slum, where the pressure cooker bomb was believed to have been made with a deadly mixture of heisuo today and ammonium nitrate.
\"The cooker was shipped to Bandra, where the crystal watch and timer were installed.
\"The bomb was hidden in a bag, covered with newspapers and several umbrellas, and then taken to the church gate station,\" an official said . \".
Another \"solid evidence\" appears to be the recovery of a pack of black powder from Kamal\'s home, the first defendant arrested in the Madhubani case in Bihar state.
The forensic examination found that it was a mixture of 15 cents charcoal and 85 cents kuroso today.
Police also have evidence from Kamal and his colleagues.
The accused spoke by telephone to a special worker in Nepal.
Intelligence agencies have recorded several such conversations.
One investigator said: \"On the day of Kamal\'s arrest, we learned about the entire operation involving 11 Pakistanis and 7 Indians.
This was in July 19, but we kept the facts confidential to help with the investigation.
\"The police were able to track down the Indians, but it was the Pakistanis who gave them sleepless nights.
Police have not yet tracked 9 of the 11 Pakistani people involved in the operation, believed to have passed the Indo-
Bangladesh or India-Nepal border.
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