Disposable flocked sampling swab

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-06

The flocked swab uses the patented nylon ultra-clean fiber flocking filling technology. This vertical fixation method is derived from the flocking process, where the swab is placed in an electrostatic field and the fibers are sprayed on the tip of the swab. This process enables thin layers with an open structure and ultra-high water absorption. Unlike traditional wrap-around swabs like mattresses or soft pads in the past, nylon flocked swabs do not have an internal adsorption core that would disperse and trap the sample, but instead keep the sample close to the surface for rapid and complete elution.

Features of nylon flocking swabs:

1. Made of non-inhibitory DNA amplification materials, verified by direct PCR amplification, omitting the extraction step.

2. Use a single independent packaging to avoid pollution.

3. Strict process conditions, free of DNase and amplifiable human DNA.

4. The tube body is transparent, and the condition of the inspection material is directly visible.

5. The unique patented casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing, prevents the test material from mildew due to the humid and sealed environment, and avoids magazine contamination in the external air, which affects the inspection quality.

Nylon flocking swab product use:

Sampling nylon flocked swabs are widely used in bacteriological sample processing, virological cell culture, DFA testing, rapid direct testing, enzyme immunoassay assays, polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnostic based assays, and forensic identification Both are ideal. It can also be used for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine flu, bird flu, hand, foot and mouth.

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