Disposable sterile swab manufacturers

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-07

Disposable sterile swabs are referred to as sterile swabs for short. This product is a device for taking biological samples from the natural orifices of the human body, such as the nasal cavity, oral cavity, vagina, urethra and other parts. Unscrew the plug cap and use a cotton swab to sample at the place to be sampled. After sampling, gently put the cotton swab into the test tube and screw on the plug cap (be careful that the cotton swab for sampling does not touch the wall of the test tube).

Women's W type

Men's M type


1. The swab is packaged in independent paper and plastic, which is safe and effective for sterilization;

2. The sampling head is made of absorbent cotton, and the sampling process is safe and free from scratches;

3. Insert the test tube after sampling to ensure that the sample is not contaminated


W-type for women, M-type for men

Applicable departments:

Otolaryngology, Surgery, Gynecology

Packing specification: 1000 pieces/box

Specializing in the production of sterile sampling swabs, flocking cotton swabs (flocking swabs or flocking sticks), throat swabs, microbial sampling sticks, DNA oral swabs, sterile sponge cotton swabs, and CHG chlorhexidine applicator, saliva collection Device or saliva collection device, cell preservation solution, product application fields include medical DNA sampling, oral sampling, virus testing, nasopharyngeal sampling, virus and bacteria sampling, laboratory sampling, genetic sampling, gynecological cervical sampling and other disposable nylon flocking Sampling swab.
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