DNA oral swab routine sampling method - how should it be done?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-08

DNA oral swab routine sampling method - how should it be done?
1. Before sampling
Please do not eat, smoke, drink, etc. 30 minutes before sampling.
(1) Prepare a glass of water, drink about 50ml of water and rinse the mouth for about 10 seconds, then spit it out;
(2) Repeat the above steps 2-3 times.

2. Oral Cell Sampling
(1) Tear off the outer packaging of the oral swab, and take out the oral swab carefully (note: hands should not touch the swab part during the entire sampling process).
(2) Hold the handle and insert the swab into the left oral cavity, so that the head of the swab fully touches the inner part of the left cheek/the mucous membrane of the upper and lower gums on the left side, and rub it up and down with the force of brushing. The head of the swab is fully in contact with the oral mucosa, and this action is repeated for 1 minute.
(3) Sampling the second swab at the mucosa of the right cheek/right upper and lower gums in the same way.
(4) Put the swab stained with the exfoliated cells of the oral cavity in a clean and ventilated place for at least one hour until it is dry, and then put it back into the collection tube to complete the sampling.

3. After sampling

(1) After filling in your name on the label of the collection tube, put the collection tube into the ziplock bag, and then register your relevant information on the front label of the ziplock bag: name, gender, age, collection date.
(2) Please fill in the relevant information on the registration form for inspection carefully. If you choose to test anonymously, please fill in the barcode number on the registration form for your name.
(3) Send the ziplock bag with the collection tube and the inspection registration form to the company at room temperature.
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