does the schticky washable lint roller work a brief schticky review

by:Cleanmo      2020-02-26
Since commercial advertising first aired about a month ago, Schticky washable lint rollers have attracted a lot of attention.
This is the latest \"miracle product\" offered by Sha wow guy Vince \".
But does it really work as described?
Will it last for a long time?
This Schticky review will provide some information about the work of Schticky washable lint roller, so that you can better understand if this product is suitable for you.
How does Schticky work. The concept behind Schticky is actually very simple and has been in use for years.
It\'s basically a sticky roller that picks up ugly pieces like pet hair, lint and dust particles.
Most people are familiar with removing disposable sticky rollers for lint on clothes.
However, the advantage of using the Schticky washable lint roller is that it is particularly sticky and can be reused several times --
Schticky can last forever, according to the company.
Well, after reading the ad, I was very interested in getting this device.
As a cat owner, I often struggle with the amount of pet hair at home.
Since the price of Schticky is only around $20, I think buying it is a good investment.
My Schticky comments so how good is Schticky in practice?
In my experience, the project actually works very well.
Its surface is sticky enough to even pick up the smallest particles from the surface.
For example, when I rolled it on the couch cushion, it collected a lot of pet hair and particles that I didn\'t even know existed there.
As a result, Schticky obtained 10/10 in terms of effectiveness.
Schticky, however, may be so effective that it is quickly filled with particles.
This can be a disadvantage for some people as it means going to the sink extra.
In fact, some claim that cleaning Schticky may be a bit challenging for this reason.
Well, my quick solution (
This is really a no. brainer)
Just bring a bucket when I clean things up.
This way I can clean up the rollers right away without having to go to the sink often.
Is Schticky suitable for you? So this Schticky Review tries to highlight how Schticky works, including the pros and cons of it.
To a large extent, using Schticky is a positive experience.
Although I am skeptical about the company\'s claim that it can continue \"forever\", I am at ease with the ten-year warranty.
If there is any problem, I know I can replace it for free.
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