Evidence extraction cotton swab----I have a trick to extract physical evidence

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-25

The outer 100PPI polyurethane sponge, the sponge head cotton swab 9916 head is composed of two materials. The sponge is filled with medical absorbent cotton, which is wrapped around a birch (hard, elastic, smooth, less sawdust) rod under the action of green adhesive (polyvinyl alcohol). The sponge is wrapped on the outside of the absorbent cotton, and the size of the mouth of the sponge is much smaller than the diameter of the absorbent cotton head. Without adhesive or hot pressing process, the sponge head can be firmly attached to the cotton head without slipping off. At the same time, the absorbent cotton head can increase the ability of the sponge to absorb liquid, and can also play the role of supporting the sponge head, so that it will not deform when squeezed. 9916 cotton swabs play a pivotal role in test solution extraction, culture medium experiments, DNA detection, viruses and other bioengineering, medical and health industries. There are many types of cotton swabs now, and the physical evidence extraction cotton swabs are one of them. They are mainly used for the extraction of physical evidence, and their importance is very strong. Such cotton swabs are of the sterile type, and are used in many operations, especially in the medical field. They are all made of materials with good performance, so that they can guarantee their good performance.
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