Explanations of purposes of the type and clean cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-02
Clean cotton is one of the industry often use wipe fiber material, short and flexible, volume of pores, cracks, grooves hard-to-reach areas with the hand, for fast and accurate clean, strong ability to wipe the dirt, mostly used in semiconductor industry. Currently on the market can be roughly divided into cloth clean swab swab, sponge head cotton swabs and cotton swab. Head is made of high quality clean cloth, fabric cotton after clean room cleaning packaging swab head extremely clean, special uniform, good oil resistance, bottom out of the dust, clean level can reach 10 grade clean room clean. Rod, strong light green polypropylene cotton swabs head bonded solid seam through high heat, does not burst, rub and contains no silicon components. Cotton swab head adopts long fiber cotton is made and be become, sleeping out, generally USES dust-free packaging, adhesive and tackifier are all meet the national standards of environmental protection department, widely used in electronics, semiconductor, tubular instrument, circuit boards, and so on precision electronic components, good water imbibition, good cleaning effect. Available IPA reagents such as brush, can be used for sampling or cleanliness confirmation on the surface of TOC, lubricant and other fluids can be used, medicine, cosmetics, electronic photoelectric products and other industrial use. With open hole sponge, sponge swab head the head and the dust-free clean, very low amount of hair dust; Sticking on the PP rod with heat sealing technology, clean room vacuum packing, significant particle removal ability; Can cooperate with all kinds of reagent and solution to wipe the product. The rapid development of the modern electronic manufacturing industry to promote the development of this product, dust-free cotton due to its short and flexible structure characteristics, in the electronic products to the volume under the premise of miniaturization, it can put some product corner, small cracks or clean cloth, clean paper's reach. And because it relative to the cost of clean cloth, clean paper is small, so in terms of cost savings is the best alternative for clean cloth, clean paper.
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