Flocking swab DNA sampling kit factory direct sales

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-01

DNA sampling kit product advantages:
1. Nylon short fiber flocking tip, high collection rate, high release, easy to elute, speed up the sample processing process
2. ABS plastic rod, unique breakable design, allows the sampling swab head to be easily sealed into the centrifuge tube
3. Selected screw centrifuge tubes to ensure the safe transportation of samples

DNA sampling kit product packaging:
Each set contains: two sampling swabs, two centrifuge tubes with preservation solution, six barcodes, and custom LOGO service is provided.
Convenient collection and high extraction quality

Collim DNA Collector:
The Collim Collector can collect, transport and store salivary DNA at room temperature, providing reliable high-quality DNA samples for a variety of molecular experiments. After collection, it can be stored at room temperature for two years, and the DNA will not be degraded

Instructions for use of DNA sampling kit:
1. According to the prompt, open the sampling stick from the tail, scrape the head of the sampling stick up and down the cheeks in the mouth 40 times, and the strength should be slightly convex on the cheeks.
2. Break off the excess rod handle at the mouth of the tube, leave the rod head in the sample tube, and tighten the tube cap.
3. Put the sample tube with the cap tightly in the ziplock bag, and submit it to the testing center together with the application form and other materials.
1. The head of the sampling stick should be scraped up and down the gills in the oral cavity for more than 40 times. Otherwise, enough cells may not be collected and the sampling will fail.
2. The liquid in the sampling tube should not be in contact with the oral cavity, and the liquid in the sampling tube should not be dipped with a sampling rod for sampling. If the liquid in the sampling tube gets on the skin, please wash it with plenty of water and replace it with a new sampling bag for sampling.
3. Please do not touch the sampling tip except for the oral cavity to avoid contamination. If you accidentally touch other items, please change to a new sampling bag for sampling
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