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Unlike the original Advantage, the Advantage2 modifier keys cannot be remapped as a non-modifier and then used to trigger a macro. Modifier keys be used as co-triggers but can not set off a macro on their own, even when remapped as a non-modifier. In some instances a format .txt file can turn out to be corrupted. Usually this occurs from “closing” the v-Drive while the keyboard was still writing to a file.

To prevent this from occurring always “eject” the drive within the File Manager earlier than using the onboard shortcut to shut the v-Drive. If a file is corrupted, you can try to delete the file however a corrupt file normally cannot be deleted. In that case, you will need to Repair or Reformat . If it is, you could have inadvertently entered the embedded keypad layer the place every key performs its pre-assigned secondary action (the best key well is an embedded 10-key). Tap the Keypad key to return to the top layer and default key actions.

If just one layout is non-responsive, the qwerty.txt or dvorak.txt file may be corrupt (see troubleshooting “Reformatting v-Drive”). If essential, use the shortcut Program+Shift+F9 to perform a Soft Reset to erase any programming (remaps & macros) that might be causing problems with the energetic format. The v-Drive may be pressured open, even when Power User Mode is disabled, by holding Progm + Print Scrn briefly while plugging in the keyboard.

If so, you could need to use the new key location to set off the onboard shortcut. Tap the goal key twice to revive it to its default perform. Do not reconnect the keyboard to your PC till it's thoroughly dry. Press and maintain the Program key and the shift key, and then tap F8. Press and maintain the Program key and faucet F10 to disable all macros.

There are two primary methods to open the v-Drive (see Section 7 of the User’s Manual). If you're unable to open the v-Drive utilizing the onboard shortcut (Program + F1), make sure you have Power User Mode enabled (Progm+Shift+Esc) and the keypad layer deactivated. If you could have remapped over the F1 key you can download the most recent model of firmware or use the brand new F1 key location at the side of this system key to open the v-drive.

Enable Power User Mode (Program + Shift + Escape) and open the v-Drive (Program + F1). Select the specified key in App and the use the Macro Editor to kind out your macro, customise the playback velocity, and assign as much as two co-triggers. Press and maintain the Program key and tap F11 to enter Program Macro Mode .

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