Cleanfoam® Esd Swab Mini Compressed, Itw

by:Cleanmo      2020-09-28

Its compressed, laundered CleanFoam head possesses good firmness and a pointed tip. A compact, rigid deal with and tapered internal core present good help. The deal with is made from a Stat-Rite polymer alloy using a patented Inherently Dissipative Polymer to provide clear, permanent ESD safety with out contributing particulate contaminates to the cleanroom. The deal with is compact and will not contribute to particulate or natural contamination. Designed for general objective cleaning, Cleanmo CM-FS750D Anti-static Cleanroom Swabs are the perfect swabs to use in cleaning static sensitive parts or parts.

We offer economical ESD-secure swabs made by high brands corresponding to Puritan and TekniSwab in a variety of portions to suit your wants and finances. Some of our ESD swab instances ship at no cost to help you save even more.

The ACL ESD Microfiber Foam Swab is an distinctive quality swab for the critical cleansing of ESD static-delicate surfaces. Constructed of medical-grade foam wrapped in microfiber knit, this swab is extremely effective in removing and holding liquid or dry contaminants in volume.

The LTO70RESD20 cleanroom laundered reticulated foam sock swab contains a thermally bonded head and ESD protected handle. Alliance Technology is a leading distributor of business supplies, digital manufacturing and test tools, solder and soldering tools, ESD & static management, MRO merchandise and extra. Headquartered in Delhi, Alliance Technology serves clients in PAN India with a unique combination of finest-in-class customer service, gross sales and technical experience combined with unmatched product choice, stock management systems and options for your small business. Alliance Technology now has distribution centres on each coasts to higher serve customers nationwide.

The CleanWIPE swab is on the market in a variety of head shapes and sizes to allow precision cleansing of optical, disk drive, and medical system elements. Manufacturing, cleansing, and packaging is carried out on an built-in line to make sure maximum cleanliness as well as lot to lot uniformity. Cleanroom swabs are used for fantastic and precision cleansing and the elimination of dirt in small surfaces in the most cleanroom areas with its superior versatility. They are usually manufactured from a handle from 50 to 250 mm lengthy as well as a cleansing tip with special foam materials. Various supplies can be utilized to made this foam tip, which depends on the sort of contamination and dust residue to be removed, or the nature of the floor to be cleaned.

All swabs in Texwipe’s ESD Swab Series feature a Stat-Rite® deal with, a patented Inherently Dissipative Polymer, to provide clean ESD protection without contributing particulate contaminants to the method or setting. The complete thermal bond constructioneliminatesadhesive contamination. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers several distinctive kinds of anti-static swabs. Choose from numerous tip sizes and shapes to fit your unique purposes. For example, you'll be able to select ESD-safe spiral pointed foam swabs for precision cleansing or spherical-tipped ESD swabs for sampling and validation.

We specialized in Distributing Products of CCT Korea, Musytec Germany, Nikko Japan 3M USA, HOZAN Electrical Tools from Japan, GISON Taiwan, Drebon Taiwan, Kilews Taiwan and plenty of more worldwide reputed manufacturers for their electrical and electronics tools. All FoamTec CleanWIPE 1000 Series Swabs make use of the same CleanWIPE reticulated 100ppi foam so as to supply soft, absorbent cleaning efficiency to the end consumer.

The inflexible ESD deal with has a dissipative resistance and will not generate a charge. The handles of these swabs will dissipate 99% of a 5,000 volt cost in lower than 2.zero seconds. The static dissipative plastic alloy used to make the handles is inherently static dissipative. It contains no components, coatings or surfactants so it functions at any stage of humidity and it is extremely immune to solvents — even acetone. Choose between our Class 10 laundered polyester or 100 pore-per-inch ultraclean polyurethane foam.

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