Cleanroom Wipes

by:Cleanmo      2020-09-23

When mixed with the dependability of a synthetic fiber, a powerful, low particle wiper is created. Wipers are a cost-effective various for general purpose polishing and spill clear-up. These versatile wipes are resistant to solvents and cleaning brokers.

Some special wipes from FG Clean Wipes, Contec, Kimberly-Clark and others are also offered in detail. Polycellulose Cleanroom Wipers are created from a mix of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose fibers. No chemical binders are necessary to combine the two fibers because a special fiber entanglement course of uses water streams to mesh the elements.

Using presaturated wipes simplifies the writing of SOPs as a result of the process of validating the spraying of the wipe is eliminated. This saves time and, importantly, provides a course of that can be extra easily audited by internal and exterior companies. With our normal delivery program we cover most functions within the space of cleanroom wipes.

For particular cases, we additionally work along with properly-known international wipe manufacturers, permitting to develop particular person buyer-specific options. Complete merchandise out of their portfolio may be sourced from us.

Having a validated cleansing course of requires documentation of each the process and the merchandise used within the course of. The use of a presaturated wipe also reduces time and costs as only one product, the presaturated wipe, needs to be qualified and validated versus two merchandise .

Quickly take away grease, grime and adhesives with Spectrum Chemical’s number of cleanroom wipes, including solvent wipes, presaturated wipers, task wipers, and more. These common-function wipes are soft and made of polypropylene. The mission of Chemtronics is to proceed as the business’s revolutionary technology chief by offering its clients with the tools they should achieve the highest diploma of reliability and productiveness.

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