Ipa Cleaning Swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-09-28

Electronics and different sensitive gadgets should solely be cleaned with ESD, anti-static swabs in order to forestall electrostatic discharge and static buildup. These high-high quality ESD protected swabs are made with special anti-static handles and have unique tips - together with ideas manufactured from ESD conductive foam, polyester, cotton and non-woven supplies - that are most well-liked for his or her anti-static attributes.

This swab can replace lengthy-handled cotton swabs in functions requiring superior cleanliness. The LTO70PESD20 cleanroom laundered open cell foam sock swabs feature a thermally bonded head and ESD protected handle. are specifically designed to take away particles from sensitive or delicate surfaces. The anti-static therapy of the plastic handles dissipates electrostatic charges, making them appropriate for cleansing electrostatic sensitive elements. The tip of the Micro-Tec ESD secure sticky cleansing swabs is coated with a gentle absorbent gel which picks up particles.

The tip of this applicator is reticulated 100 PPI foam that is lint- and residue-free, gentle, and non-abrasive with good water absorption. It's thermally welded to a static dissipative rigid strong polypropylene shaft and perfect for industrial applications like applying adhesives or different fluxes, removing particulates and residues, and basic cleansing. The 1621-PF ESD foam tip applicator can be used with IPA and DI water or dry. Texwipe ESD Swabs are wonderful disappative instruments for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-attain areas. The laundered, knitted Alpha庐 polyester head is extremely clean plus an extended handle and versatile internal head paddle present good support.

The TexWipe庐 TX757E CleanFoam庐 Micro Tip ESD-Safe Swab is created from TexWipe's open-cell CleanFoam庐 cleanroom processed 100ppi polyurethane foam. Designed to be used in cleanroom and important environments where ESD (electro-static dissipation) is of concern. This ESD-safe cleanroom swab includes a Stat-Rite庐 shaft, a patented inherently Dissipative Polymer, to provide clean ESD protection with out contributing particulate contaminants to the process or surroundings. The complete thermally bonded construction eliminates adhesive contamination.

With the sticky cleaning swab you possibly can take away contaminating particles, not displacing them and not inflicting cross contamination. They embrace foam, knit polyester, or knit microfiber heads with static dissipative handles. The proprietary deal with material has surface resistivity of 1.zero x 10_10 ohms/sq, and can dissipate ninety nine% of charge in 0.5 seconds. This avoids static generation, and might dissipate a charge when the user is grounded.

The CleanFoam庐 swab head is ideal for use with solvents corresponding to isopropyl alcohol. CleanFoam庐 head additionally possesses wonderful capability and cushioning. Manufactured to exacting and constant tolerances utilizing high-precision automated processes. The Mini Compressed CleanFoam ESD Swab is a wonderful dissipative swab for cleansing small slotted and grooved areas.

Use them for every kind of jobs where you should mitigate electrostatic discharge, and use them in conjunction with our full line of static management merchandise. The Puritan 1621-PF ESD ESD-Safe Foam Tipped Swab is a non-sterile applicator that has a small pointed foam tip with a static dissipative polypropylene handle.

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