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by:Cleanmo      2020-09-11

The recommendation is misleading; experts say the list includes half-truths and outright falsehoods. A declare that knowledge from a hospital within the Philippines exhibits a correlation between grocery purchasing and COVID-19 has been shared more than 1,000 occasions on Facebook and Twitter. This is misleading; the hospital refuted the claim, saying 'no such noticed pattern' had been found amongst its COVID-19 patients. A video purports to indicate a police officer being crushed has been considered tens of thousands of instances on Facebook and Twitter alongside a declare that the assault at a temple in India was sparked by the officer's try and implement a nationwide novel coronavirus lockdown. The claim is false; the footage was taken from a video of a staged battle that was uploaded to a wrestling-themed YouTube channel in June 2019.

AFP has debunked a number of claims shared millions of occasions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the reason that outbreak of the novel coronavirus illness in December 2019. But with over 65 billion messages despatched worldwide every day, WhatsApp, one of the biggest platforms for sharing misinformation in Africa, stays a challenge. AFP reality checkers explain how one can spot false COVID-19 claims on WhatsApp.

Rajapaksa’s office additionally denied the declare, saying that authorities are pursuing authorized motion against those spreading the “false information”. An picture has been shared hundreds of instances in a number of posts on Facebook alongside a declare it reveals a poster issued by activist group Extinction Rebellion that states “Corona is the cure, people are the disease”. The declare is false; Extinction Rebellion said that the picture was printed by an unaffiliated Twitter account and that the poster’s message in “no way” represents the global environmental movement’s “principles and values”. A declare that India’s Ministry of Home Affairs has made it a “punishable offence” for residents to publish posts on social media concerning the novel coronavirus has been shared repeatedly on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

This is false, the images do not depict a family and circulated online prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter declare the World Health Organization has warned against consuming cabbage through the novel coronavirus pandemic. The declare is fake; the WHO said it did not concern any such advisory against consuming cabbage; the US-based Centre of Disease Control and Prevention says there may be 'no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 related to food'. A photograph of a fleet of blue lorries bearing the image of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has been shared repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that the lorries had been distributing food during the novel coronavirus curfew. The declare is deceptive; the photograph in reality reveals lorries that had been used in a political initiative in 2014, more than five years earlier than the coronavirus pandemic.

Although a police crackdown on churches happened, the use of the picture in this context is fake because it was shot years ago at an unrelated event. A post shared 1000's of times on Facebook lists companies whose chief executive officers have allegedly stepped down in the course of the novel coronavirus crisis. This is deceptive; a number of the 19 CEOs stay in their positions, while the announcements that others have been leaving came before the virus emerged in late 2019. Social media posts shared 1000's of times advocate 10 strategies to stop a novel coronavirus an infection, citing recommendations allegedly stemming from autopsies on COVID-19 victims, together with in China, the place the virus first emerged.

The claim is false; India’s official Press Information Bureau stated it had made no such law; an online search for the purported authorities minister who issued the alleged ban yielded no outcomes. An image has been shared multiple instances on Facebook in Liberia in assist of a declare that pastors had been beaten for defying government restrictions on religious gatherings amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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