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The declare is fake; the Reserve Bank of Australia mentioned the photographs on the notes instead present a tree native to Australia and Australian author Mary Gilmore. Social media posts and on-line articles shared tens of thousands of instances declare that the foundation of billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates examined a polio vaccine in India that left no less than 490,000 youngsters paralyzed. The declare is deceptive; official statistics show solely a tiny variety of circumstances in which the oral polio vaccine instantly resulted in Indian youngsters contracting the disease. Multiple Facebook posts shared tons of of times claim China and Japan have re-entered a strict coronavirus lockdown in mid-May 2020 following a “second wave” of the virus.

The declare is deceptive; the hospital denied that the prescription was issued by one of their docs and stated the signature was forged. Multiple posts shared repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter since March 2020 claim that Israel has reported zero deaths from the novel coronavirus, which causes the illness COVID-19. The posts additionally claim Israeli residents have protected themselves from COVID-19 by drinking a treatment of scorching water, lemon and baking soda, which purportedly “kills” the virus.

Multiple Facebook posts have shared a purported roadmap for the Indian government's plans to ease a nationwide coronavirus lockdown alongside a claim that it exhibits an official government announcement. Photos of Australian $10 banknotes have been shared a number of times on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that the observe features pictures representing coronavirus and the billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates.

Both claims are false; as of June 21 the World Health Organization states Israel has reported 305 deaths from COVID-19; health experts say there is no evidence the baking soda concoction can remedy or forestall COVID-19 infections. A submit shared 1000's of times on Facebook claims to point out a map evaluating the COVID-19 pandemic within the United States and Canada. This declare is misleading in accordance with the map’s creators as a result of it is comparing cumulative instances between international locations with very different populations and population densities. A extensively shared video claims to show Brazilian lawmaker Filippe Poubel erupt in anger as he breaks into a area hospital that had claimed to have 5,000 novel coronavirus sufferers and finds it empty.

While most of the photographs do depict life in varied elements of the world through the pandemic, some are unrelated to the occasion and both were taken years earlier or later. A photo of a handwritten letter which shows an Indian hospital's letterhead has been shared in a number of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp posts alongside a declare that it is a genuine prescription issued by a health care provider on the hospital for a COVID-19 affected person.

A meme shared thousands of instances on Facebook claims people can suffer from lowered oxygen to their blood and brain, presumably resulting in death, if they wear a disposable masks for too lengthy. This is misleading; solely a marginal decrease in oxygen saturation can sometimes be measured in folks sporting a disposable mask, and several experts agree there is no evidence of lengthy-time period results from respiratory via a mask. Facebook posts claiming to show classic images taken during the Spanish flu pandemic more than one hundred years in the past have been shared 1000's of instances in Africa, Asia and the United States.

The claim is fake; the photo has circulated in reports since February 2019 a couple of Hindu pageant. Posts shared hundreds of times on social media record a variety of adverse well being effects linked to sporting face masks. Some of those claims are false, while others are deceptive, public well being experts tell AFP. A video has been shared hundreds of occasions on social media, claiming that circuit boards with “COV-19” inscribed on them are being fitted to 5G towers. The declare is false; Virgin Media, the company that distributes these boards, and an impartial expert confirmed that the gear is an aged satellite tv for pc TV component unrelated to 5G know-how.

A purported image of kids with limb deformities has been shared lots of of instances in a number of Facebook posts printed in 2020 alongside a claim it reveals the aftermath of vaccine trials on Africans. The claim is fake; the photo, taken in 1998 in the West African country Sierra Leone, actually shows unvaccinated youngsters who contracted polio. An image has been shared hundreds of occasions on Facebook alongside a declare that it exhibits a family who died after consuming meals served on virus-contaminated banana leaf.

The claim is misleading; as of May 22, Japan has begun easing lockdown restrictions; on May 18, China put one city in Jilin Province under total lockdown however it has relaxed restrictions in different components of the country. A photo of a queue of buses in India has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim they had been organised by a leading opposition politician to move migrant staff who were left stranded after a nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

In actuality, the clip depicts the politician expressing his displeasure over a delay in opening a new COVID-19 hospital. Facebook posts shared thousands of instances claim Nokia is handing out telephones to assist students during the pandemic. Dozens of rip-off pages promising free telephones have sprung up in recent weeks, a common ploy to spice up follower numbers.

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