Silicone Roller 40mm

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Moreover, lowed hardness foaming rollers is used as internet holding curler, cleaning roller, Inside belt fixing curler, to applicant fully of present silicone rubber. Factory personalized low value silicone rubber rollers We are an organization specialising in custom-made products. There are varied forms of Factory custom-made low worth silicone rubber rollers we ca n make. Packaging & Shipping All the Factory customized low value silicone rubber rollerse w sick be packed well before transport. While small diameter rollers could also be confronted with silicones by conventional thermoplastic or thermosetting methods corresponding to casting and injection molding, massive diameter rollers or lengthy rollers and like merchandise cannot be made by such processes.

The fixing roller one hundred and one was heated to a surface temperature of one hundred seventy ° C by energizing the heater 106 heated. Then the fuser roll grew to become one hundred and one rotated by half a flip, whereby half of the peripheral surface of the fixing roller was coated with the release oil.

Of the Color toner is required that he reveals a sharp meltability, in order that melt colour mixing of two or more colour toner pictures can easily be produced in superimposed Positions are deposited on a recording sheet. By Use of such a sharp-melting shade toner makes it possible to everlasting picture with increased color reproducibility available which precisely matches the multicolor or full colour image of the unique equivalent. We have a relationship between a toner releasability and a dynamic viscoelasticity a surface layer which contains dimethylsilicone rubber. on the other hand the application of a launch oil is responsible, to a to guide a sticky copy sheet particularly in the case of producing an OHP-sort movie copy sheet. In the case of a warmth-stress fixing system, which is a launch oil needed utilized at a price of 40 mg per sheet or extra, turned the manufacturing of oil sticky OHP movie sheets with sensible problems in some instances remarkably notice taken.

For instance, silicones are very chemically resistant, and are extremely resistant to thermal stress as nicely, providing the next operating temperature than many commonly used polymer facings, similar to those of polyurethanes. Moreover, silicones are likely to have excessive releasability, and have been utilized in thin layer kind for a few years as release coatings for strain delicate adhesives. Thus, silicones have found a priceless place within the faced-roller market. As proven in Table 5 above, the fixing devices that included fixing rollers coated with example materials on their surface confirmed good release efficiency over 10 5 sheets at a low release oil utility level of 10 or 20 mg / A4 dimension.

As shown in Table 4, known as the stress rollers, which on the surface with Sample materials were evidenced, no image dropouts on the itself resulting photographs with contact to the strain rollers, which they showed wonderful launch performance. In each run, an original of a magenta halftone (50%) was successively reproduced in plain A4 paper (81.four g / m 2 ) based on double-sided full-shade copying. The quantity of release oil which is on a floor layer 114 a fixing roller a hundred and one was measured was measured within the following method. From the in three shown warmth-pressure-fixing had been the stress roller 102 and the cleaning tape unit 104 away.

Then, an accurately weighed dosing filter paper in a rectangular size of 5 cm x 30 cm was rapidly pressed in opposition to the coated surface at a strain of about 50 g / cm 2 for 1 minute after which peeled off. In the in three proven warmth-strain fixing device rotate the fixing roller 101 and the pressure curler 102 each within the instructions a and b. A recording materials P is conveyed in a path c, whereby an unfixed toner image T1 to a hard and fast toner image T2 by passing via a niche between the fixing roller one hundred and one and the pressure curler 102 is transformed.

The elastic layer 112 is also with an roughly 50 microns thick oil barrier layer 113 fluorine-containing rubber, and further having a floor layer about 200 μm thick 114 coated comprising dimethylsilicone rubber. The fixing roller shaped in this method 101 can have an outer diameter of about 60 mm. The Fixing device according to the current The invention is especially effective at fixing toner photographs be relevant, which embrace three or more color toner.

Rather, such rollers are ready in composite constructions, for instance by spiral wrapping of curable silicone rubber across the periphery of the roller, or by wrapping the whole periphery of the roller with succeeding layers of skinny, curable silicone rubber. 1 illustrates spiral wrapping of an extruded strip of silicone rubber 2 around steel core or “boss” 1, and wherein FIG. Silicones are a special class of polymers which have been used to make confronted rollers. Silicones can be found in a variety of hardnesses, ranging from very delicate elastomers to rigid supplies. Moreover, silicones have physical and chemical characteristics which make them notably well suited to certain curler purposes.

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