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by:Cleanmo      2020-09-09

Graphics shared 1000's of times on social media declare to show the precise likelihood of COVID-19 carriers spreading the illness in the event that they or another particular person wears a masks. The claim is deceptive; experts say that while masks do lower the risk, there is no dependable data on the precise likelihood of transmission.

The claim is misleading; radiation experts and well being authorities maintain there isn't a evidence to suggest that the radiation emitted from 5G is harmful to human health. The unfold of the novel coronavirus has triggered a torrent of misinformation on social media globally. Myths circulated online embrace crackpot cures for COVID-19 and conspiracy theories about its alleged origins. In the Islamic world, reality checkers have also observed a pattern for social media posts containing false non secular-themed claims concerning the virus.

A video of a person rebuking foreigners has been considered hundreds of occasions on social media alongside a declare that the Guinean authorities has ordered the arrest of all Chinese nationals in the nation while awaiting the secure return of Guineans from China. However, the video was truly recorded last year earlier than the pandemic, and the Guinean authorities has not issued any such order. The claim is false; this rendition of the Indian nationwide anthem was produced in August 2017 to mark India’s 71st Independence Day.

A declare that an overworked worker at a funeral home in New York City was by chance cremated while taking a nap during the COVID-19 disaster has been shared repeatedly on blog sites, Facebook and Twitter. A photograph has been shared hundreds of occasions on Facebook and Twitter alongside a declare it reveals a nurse apologising to a Muslim man after she blamed the Muslim neighborhood for spreading COVID-19 in India.

The declare is false; the nurse, the politician and native police all mentioned the photo in reality shows a person receiving first assist after sustaining a laceration to his leg; further pictures and footage additionally show the man’s harm. Posts shared hundreds of instances on WhatsApp and Facebook claim that hair salons are responsible for almost 50 p.c of all coronavirus deaths. There is not any proof to assist the claim, which has been ascribed to a non-existent US well being chief.

A photo of dozens of men praying on neighbouring rooftops has been shared lots of of instances on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim it exhibits Muslim worshippers in India praying collectively in defiance of the country’s COVID-19 lockdown. A graphic purporting to detail health dangers because of 5G-induced radiation has been published on various websites and shared hundreds of occasions on Facebook and Twitter. The image was shared as different hoaxes circulated claiming that COVID-19 is linked to the worldwide rollout of 5G networks.

A photo of lots of of people praying together has been shared lots of of instances on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that it shows Muslims in south India flouting the nation’s COVID-19 lockdown to supply night-time prayers. The claim is fake; the photo was revealed by a photography agency in 2018 and shows Muslims in north India praying at night through the holy month of Ramadan. A graphic purportedly reveals a information bulletin about an alleged extension of a COVID-19 lockdown within the Philippines till May 30, 2020, has been shared repeatedly in multiple Facebook posts claiming to reference a authorities announcement. Multiple posts shared lots of of times on Facebook purport to point out an inventory of notable viral outbreaks between 1950 and 2019 which “originated in China”.

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