Super Brush Swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-09-19

The swab tip was then reduce off and instantly positioned into 2 ml of M4 viral transport medium (catalog number 12520; Remel, Lenexa, KS). The AN swabs in the transport tubes and the NP swab in a vial of M4 medium had been immediately transported to the medical virology laboratory to arrive within 30 min for testing.

Sample stays near the surface accommodation improved elution. Jones 'A new idea for transporting clinical materials on flocked swabs in liquid amies medium' C-107, ASM 106th General Convention-Orlando, Florida-May 22-24, 2006. Several fiber material types (of sea/island fiber) have been evaluated. The nylon/PET and PET/PET (Kolon-Rojel) fibers appear helpful in the fiber flocked medical swab software of the present disclosure.

With superior water absorption capacity, the variety of specimens collected on the desk could be increased from 20% to 60% of conventional sampling swabs. Cleanmo's CM-FS913 Flocked Swabs have no internal mattress core to disperse and entrap the valuable sample like traditional fiber wound swabs, In stark distinction, the whole pattern stays near the surface for quick and full elution. Perpendicular Nylon Fibers act like a delicate brush And allow improved assortment of cell samples. Capillary motion between the Nylon fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples.

The Dacron swab was inserted into one naris and extended past the turbinates until resistance was met on the level of the posterior nasopharynx. The swab was rotated for several seconds and then eliminated with additional rotation.

The polyurethane adhesive coated swabs picked up or captures slightly water indicating that the adhesive is a extra wettable surface that the “bare” ABS. The flocked fiber swab picked up or captured a measurable amount of water (8.95%). The flock exercise tester's four″ diameter aluminum base plate is roofed with about 2 grams of loose flock. This pattern of free flock was mounted on to the bottom electrode pedestal of the Flock Activity Tester. The end of the swab sticks were perpendicularly dipped into the fluid K & W adhesive to a depth of about 1 cm and slowly removed to produce finish-coated swab-sticks.

The swabs had been placed instantly into separate transport tubes rather than into viral transport medium. Following the gathering of the 2 AN specimens, a single posterior NP swab was then collected by utilizing a Dacron polyester minitipped aluminum shaft swab (catalog quantity D; Puritan Medical).

While zero.5 mm long nylon/PET flock fiber have been initially investigated, fibers of varied sizes may be used and are contemplated. The p.c water decide-ups of the various swab configurations have been then in contrast. The results show that the “naked” ABS swab sticks decide-up or capture little or no water.

Water-based mostly acrylic (F1059B Lubrizol Corp.) flock adhesive and different water primarily based adhesives could possibly be used. A 3.5 KV/cm strength was applied to the DC electrodes of the Flock Activity Tester . This causes the flock fibers to align themselves and actively move to the top electrode. As this flock is being propelled from the bottom to the top electrode, the adhesive coated tip plastic swab-stick is then placed within the “flock fiber cloud” about 1 cm from the underside electrode . While in the “flock fiber cloud”, the swab-stick was slowly rotated by rolling the stick held in gripping fingers.

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