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Because the Advantage2 is a multimedia keyboard that can current itself to the pc as a virtual flash drive, it may not be compatible with all KVM switches and docks. If the entire keys are producing sudden outputs, its possible that you simply by accident loaded the onboard Dvorak structure. To switch back to the usual QWERTY layout, merely maintain Program and tap F3. The Advantage2 makes use of a digital detachable drive on the keyboard to store customized layouts and settings.

If the v-Drive may be opened, these can normally be fastened utilizing the Windows “scan and repair” feature. Open file supervisor, right click on the v-drive and choose “Properties,” then select “Tools,” then “Error Checking.” Click on the “Check” button. If the keyboard nonetheless doesn’t power up, perform a Hard Reset by holding Program and F9 while plugging the keyboard in. If the Keypad LED will not illuminate, the keyboard just isn't getting energy.

If the capslock LED flashes briefly, the swap is going on. Run the status report to verify the specified layout is lively.

First attempt plugging the keyboard in to a unique USB port on the computer. If that doesn’t remedy the problem, attempt a unique computer if you have one obtainable. If the proper LED illuminates, the keyboard is getting power. If so, you then probably entered an Onboard Programming mode so faucet the Program key to exit programming modes. Try switching to another structure (Progm+F3 or Progm+F4).

As with all detachable drives, it's highly really helpful to always use the “eject” characteristic in your operating system . In some cases it can be possible for the “v-Drive” to report errors.

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