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by:Cleanmo      2020-09-08

On histopathologic examination, an area of central necrosis with mineralization and numerous refractile fibers consistent with sponge materials was surrounded by dense fibrous connective tissue . Within the connective tissue was a inhabitants of extremely pleomorphic spindle cells consistent with a fibrosarcoma. Immunohistochemically, most neoplastic cells stained strongly positive for vimentin and a low number of cells were constructive for smooth muscle actin. The results had been according to a fibrosarcoma arising at the website of a retained surgical sponge.

Histologic examination of the excised mass confirmed the cytologic findings and a prognosis of gossypiboma was made, according to retention of a surgical sponge. This case provides a novel instance of the utility of nice-needle aspiration for the prognosis of gossypiboma.

An eight-yr-old feminine spayed domestic shorthair cat had an stomach mass palpated as an incidental discovering on physical examination. Cytologic findings in ultrasound-guided nice-needle aspirates of the mass have been most appropriate with a sarcoma, with abundant mineralized material and combined inflammation. The mass was removed surgically and on gross examination was white-tan, agency, associated with the mesentery, and when transected contained a gauze sponge in its middle.

Angiosarcoma associated with a retained international body and development of hemorrhagic diathesis in angiosarcoma are discussed. An eight-12 months-old, spayed feminine Labrador Retriever was offered for analysis of unwillingness to train. On medical examination abdominal pain was elicited, and a midabdominal mass was detected in survey radiographs. Ultrasound-guided fantastic-needle aspiration of the intra-stomach mass was accomplished.

The cytologic findings indicated continual granulomatous irritation with reactive fibroplasia, cholesterol crystals, and extracellular international material. The international material consisted of opaque, basophilic fragments of uniform width (5-10 mum) and variable size ( microm) and was noticed extracellularly and inside macrophages.

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