How many types of dust-free cotton swabs are there?

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-30

Dust-free swabs can be used to clean very tiny, very precise areas. Although dust-free cotton swabs work the same way, the different types of cotton swabs differ in the length and material of the handle, the size, shape and material of the swab tip, and solvent retention, absorbency, and adsorption capacity. There are 2 types of dust-free swabs. The first is a cotton swab produced from polyester material, which has low non-volatile residue (NVR), low particle shedding and chemical resistance. By analyzing the total organic carbon (TOC), it was found that the cotton swabs produced by weaving the purified polyester material can release the number of particles, the recovery is good, and the background level of total organic carbon is low. The second is the material used for handle production including polypropylene, nylon, glass nylon, glass polypropylene, wood or styrene. The handle length of the cotton swab (7-25cm) and the shape and size of the cotton swab (from 4mm to over 16mm) should be determined according to specific requirements. The handle can also be slotted for easy snapping.
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