How much money a one-time use clean cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-09
Clean swab can buy casually, plays an important role in our daily life, how much is the disposable use clean cotton swabs? Disposable clean swab can be purchased in many places, but due to the price of each place is different, so could not give a correct price here, but as a result of disposable clean cotton material is common, so the price is not very expensive, very many people can accept everything. According to national standard and the pharmaceutical industry standard requirements, according to the regulations of relevant literature of absorbent cotton ball products must meet the following requirements: cotton wool quality must conform to the YY0330 - making cotton ball 2002, held the medical device registration certificate, and the qualified factory inspection conclusion; Cotton cotton fiber should be soft, white, odorless, can not have macular, besmirch, foreign body. Plastic rod, wand of bar surface should be smooth, no burr, no stains, foreign bodies, and stick, bamboo rod rod surface should be smooth, no fault, can not have besmirch, foreign body. Disposable clean cotton swabs for sterilization products, can be at ease use. Method of use can be used to open a bag. Can be directly deal with the wound. But be careful to swab should be stored in the relative humidity of not more than 80%, no corrosive gas and indoor ventilated, avoid high temperature.
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