How powerful is the wiper?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-15

Wiping cloth is generally used for cleaning high-tech products such as digital products, with good dust removal effect, with anti-static function, high water absorption, softness and will not damage the surface of objects. No dust particles are generated when wiping, and it can also absorb liquid and dust when in use.

Wipes can be used in quite a few fields, such as: biomedical GMP aseptic workshop, food GMP aseptic workshop and semiconductor electronics photovoltaic industry clean room hygiene, countertop hygiene container hygiene equipment hygiene, high-precision laboratory hygiene, non-semiconductor industry Wait.

The edge sealing process of wiping cloth is divided into cold cutting, laser and ultrasonic wave. Cold cutting and sealing are easy to produce dander, and cleaning treatment is not allowed after cutting. During the wiping process, a certain amount of lint will be generated on the edge, and there is no cleanliness. Generally, it is not recommended Use a high end wipe. Laser edge sealing is melted by the laser at high temperature in an instant, and the edge sealing is better without the phenomenon of dander. After cutting, it can be cleaned by blowing and cleaning, so that the product can reach a high dust-free standard. The disadvantage is that the edge is It's melted, so it's a little hard. Ultrasonic edge sealing is through the vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration part group (vibrator) (converting electrical energy into mechanical energy), transferring heat through the HORN (welding head), and extruding the fabric through the tool. This edge sealing is clean cloth cutting. The most perfect way.
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